Our mission is to help our clients make smart decisions with their money, achieve financial success and accomplish what they value most in life. Our desire is to provide individuals with the absolute best advice and service available in the financial industry, and do it with the highest level of competence and integrity.

Solis Wealth Management is an independent financial firm established to put our clients’ best interest first by strictly adhering to our mission statement, vision statement and commitment creed—governing values that drive our daily life. Everything we do at Solis Wealth Management must be compatible with them. We are keenly aware that the guidance we are able to provide every day is a blessing and a privilege, and we want to steward it to the best of our ability.

To accomplish this, we believe that we cannot be solely focused on ourselves, but must also be an “other-centric” organization that is driven to make a difference in people’s lives. We understand that money is a tool to help you confidently pursue what you value most, and we are passionate about helping you transition from financial independence to personal significance.