Who We Serve

Helping Technology Professionals and Executives to Plan Their Financial Futures for Nearly 20 Years

For almost 12 years before becoming a Financial Planner, David Connelly worked in the  Technology Field, including companies such as  Livingston Enterprises, Ascend, and Lucent.  Those years of working in the technology sector gave David a keen awareness of the specific issues that technology professionals and executives face and a personalized firsthand experience with stock options, company benefits, and executive compensation plans. David also spent nearly ten years as a financial planner at one of the country’s foremost credit unions, First Technology FCU.

Since its founding, Sentinel Wealth Management has built a solid standing in the tech community and has worked with technology professionals and executives from  Microsoft,  Google,  Netscape,  Palo Alto Networks, and  Hewlett Packard. Currently, our clients are almost exclusively  Technology Professionals and Executives.

Specialized Experience. Helping you make the complex understandable.

We understand that our clients  work in a specialized area that demands a great deal of time and effort. Some of them are “road warriors” that spend as much time in a hotel as they do at home. The companies that they work for sometimes offer “incentives” that can be confusing, and often there may not be anyone at their company that can explain them. There may also be executive compensation that was never adequately reviewed.

Whether it is with company stock options or concentrated positions, Sentinel Wealth Management specializes in dealing with these complex situations that our clients encounter. We work hard to take care of the heavy lifting and try to reduce the stress of making so many important decisions.

Looking for a personal relationship with an advisor that understands you?

Looking for a personal relationship with an advisor that understands you?