Who We Are

We understand your unique goals because we have lived them.

There is no doubt that personal finance plays an integral part in virtually every part of our lives, and yet many of us are still trying to find the answer on how to manage it by ourselves. By helping others become empowered and positive about their financial future, financial planning has provided me with the opportunity to help others in a positive and enriching way. Forging a path ahead together is one of the most satisfying aspects of being a financial planner. I have almost 20 years’ worth of insights and knowledge from successfully managing client portfolios in constantly changing markets.

Out of my personal experience from the tech world, I have cultivated a desire to help professionals in industries I know and love. As an independent advisor, I can bring together my many years of working as a technology professional to have an intimate knowledge of your pain points.

I understand how concentrated stock positions, executive compensation plans, and managing stock options can be quite stressful. I have a fantastic group of people and tools to unlock the mystery of how to solve these puzzles.

With all the craziness going on in the world today, it is paramount to be able to cut through all the noise. I spend each morning reading and understanding where to apply that knowledge to help my clients. I stay up with all the market and industry trends and work with the latest planning and portfolio evaluation options available.

Our Core Beliefs


We have chosen to limit our active clients so that we have plenty of time to spend with you.


We are accountable to our clients, which means we say what we do, and do what we say.


We take a conservative approach that seeks to help you live comfortably today and protect your legacy for the future, which means we invest with cautious optimism.


We seek to position your portfolio properly in both positive and negative markets. We use smart technology to fine-tune your portfolio and financial plan to help work toward this goal.


Our firm was built on integrity and trust because we believe that doing what is right for you is better for our business in the long run.


We help you pursue your goals with tailored strategies that address your needs.


Investing is a long-term process, not a series of transactions or short-term events.


We try to anticipate the market and not time it.


We want to have a strong understanding of your needs, goals, and concerns. We would like to discuss our responsibility to you. Our approach is about thinking carefully, planning thoughtfully, and acting deliberately with the money that you have entrusted to us.

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David C. Connelly, AIF

Managing Principal | Wealth Advisor

My generation (Gen X) is dealing with uncertainty in many different forms, from raising children, career choices, health care decisions, paying for college, helping aging parents, and longevity. It is more important now than ever before to make smart financial decisions as we go through this uncertainty.

I grew up without a dad, as he passed away when I was two months old. My mom worked hard to support our family, but everyone had to contribute. I learned the value of hard work and diligence. Making smart money decisions early and often is imperative for success in achieving financial independence.

I joined the military at age 17 and decided to forgo college after high school to serve in the Air Force. I matured a great deal, went to night school, earned a degree, and learned skills that I still utilize today. I then turned the expertise into a career in technology sales and the financial planning profession. Basically, like myself, people no longer have the preordained path to go to college, graduate, and then work for the same company for 30 years. Pensions are a thing of the past. You are mostly on your own. Making mistakes at any point before financial independence can cost you dearly.

As a father of three teenage girls and having a mom in her mid-eighties in a nursing home, I understand all too well what being part of the sandwich generation means. I want to help people in the same situation as me. We are here to help and share many of the same challenges.

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Administrative Specialist

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ParaPlanner / Director of Portfolio & Investment Research

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Administrative Specialist

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Technology Specialist

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Director of Advisory Compliance

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Director of Marketing / Graphic Designer

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Looking for a personal relationship with an advisor that understands you?

Looking for a personal relationship with an advisor that understands you?