Our Why

Why are we here?
We’re here to give you a planning experience that is more than just financial.

Let’s take a moment to sit down and reflect on your past year. What are things that stand out? Was it your trip to visit family? A best friend’s wedding? Did you make the decision to buy a new house? Did your kids just graduate school? Have you finally set the ever exciting date of retirement?

The decisions you made in the past led to those happy moments over the last year. What do you need to do to make sure they keep happening?

When we at Sentinel Wealth look at life, we want to make sure we are a positive influence in our industry. We also want to maximize happiness, spend life with the people we love, and allow for flexibility. It’s easier for us to make daily decisions because we know what our values are.

Have you thought about what your values are lately? Have you thought about whether your daily decisions align with what’s important to you?

We are here to take you through the goals-based planning process. This process will help you rediscover and visualize the values you may have put aside during your everyday life. But maybe you are thinking:

Should I contribute to my 401k? What investments best align with my ideals and goals? Should I worry about recent investment performance? Will our pension support us in retirement? What accounts should I take money out of first in retirement to cut taxes?

With your values as context, the answers to those questions begin to have substance. This is the Sentinel Wealth way!

If this sounds like the service level you’ve been seeking, please connect with us to schedule an initial discussion.

Looking for a personal relationship with an advisor that understands you?

Looking for a personal relationship with an advisor that understands you?