Greg Levin is dedicated to providing comprehensive investment management to individual investors and company retirement plans. We offer our clients a vast array of cohesive strategies that seek growth and strive to retain their wealth.

We are much more than just placing trades for stocks, bonds and mutual funds. We take a comprehensive approach and for those that qualify we may integrate insurance, annuities and other alternative investments. By doing this, we are able to customize strategies and tailor plans for our clients individual needs.

I’ve been a certified financial planner since 2005 and with LPL since 2006. This has afforded me the opportunity to work with industry leaders and have access to many top experts in the field of investing, financial planning and retirement services.

Why choose us?

Your values, priorities and objectives are your own. Your investments and financial plan should also be your own. We started our process by asking questions and listening to what’s important to you so that we may customize your plan around your particular needs.

After implementing your personalized plan, we monitor its performance, keep in close contact with you and alter the plan as needed. We take a 7 step approach

The seven steps include:

1. Understanding the Client’s Personal and Financial Circumstances
2. Identifying and Selecting Goals
3. Analyzing the Client’s Current Course of Action and Potential Alternative Courses of Action
4. Developing the Financial Planning Recommendation(s)
5. Presenting the Financial Planning Recommendation(s)
6. Implementing the Financial Planning Recommendation(s)
7. Monitoring Progress and Updating

Our clients are our most important asset. We take the utmost care to make them feel like they are a part of our family. Over the years, we get to know their families, kids, grandkids and stories. Personally knowing our clients makes our job not only more fulfilling but helps us understand their goals and needs.